(Silver Braces) Significant Crowding Non-Extraction (24 months)

(Silver Braces) Interceptive and Comprehensive Treatment (36months)

(Clear Braces) Interceptive and Comprehensive Treatment (36 Months)

(Silver Braces) Significant Crowding (24 months)

(Silver Braces) Severe Class II with Deep Bite (20 Months)

(Clear Braces) Class III Tendency with Bilateral Posterior Crossbite (18 months)

(Invisalign) Class II Mild Crowding with Deep bite and Brody Crossbite (18months)

(Silver Braces) Class II Significant Bite Overjet (18 months)

(Invisalign) Class II with Anterior Open Bite (18 months)

(Invisalign) Class I Upper Spacing with Lower Crowding (14 months)

(Silver Braces) Cross Bite Non-Surgical with Cosmetic Restorative Work on Laterals (36mons)

(Clear Braces) Open Bite Non-Surgical (36 mons)

(Silver Braces) interceptive Treatment(12months)

(Silver Braces with RPE appliance) Interceptive Treatment (12 months)

(Invisalign) Significant Crowding with Crossbite (24 months)




Clear or Traditional Metal Braces


Clear Aligners

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